There is an urgent need to explore the connection between resilience and the growing field of trauma-informed care. “They really are the two sides of the same coin,” reports McSilver’s Trauma-Informed Care Leader, Dr. James Rodriguez. 

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are common; nearly two-thirds of adults have experienced at least one. Having adversity in childhood can have lasting effects on an individual’s life. Chronic disease, such as cancer and heart disease, mental illness, violence, being a victim of violence, and financial and social problems are all linked to having ACEs ( Attending to adversity and trauma in childhood is akin to the prevention of mental illness. Focusing on resilience is an important component of wellness and is one of the main highlights of our upcoming Learning Community opportunity.

In these webinar, you will learn about the Resilience Informed Service Environments (RISE) Learning Community that is designed to support organizations committed to addressing the needs of clients affected by adverse events and conditions. You will receive information about participation in the Learning Community, including the application process, goals and objectives, and what participation in the learning community will entail. The RISE Learning Community was created by our CTAC clinical team as a resource for organizations to use to focus on aspects of resilience and its relationship to trauma-informed care.  

The RISE Learning Community will support organizations in applying quality improvement methods in order to adopt one or more practical and feasible strategies designed to introduce resiliency-supporting approaches. In the Learning Community, you will learn about the principles and practices of resilience and how it contributes to improving outcomes for children and adults who have experienced significant adverse life events and conditions.

Participation will include this informational webinar and then subsequent content webinars and consultation calls. The Learning Community will occur over the course of 4 months and will involve the participation of the Core Implementation Teams (CITs) in three webinars, a minimum of two consultation calls, and completion of an organizational self-assessment. In addition, we will evaluate the impact of the learning community on participants’ knowledge and attitudes. Click here for a complete list of Learning Communtiy activities.

RISE is open to child and adult behavioral health providers dedicated to implementing trauma-informed care principles and practices with a focus on creating resilience-building service systems.

This informational webinar will be held twice on Thursday, February 1, 2018 and Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 12-1pm and presented by the CTAC Clinical Resource Team. Click the links below to register.


Resilience Informed Service Environments (RISE) Learning Community: Informational Webinar

Presenter: CTAC Resource Team

February 15, 2018 at 12:00 PM

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Please complete the application and submit it to us by the end of the day on  March 1, 2018!