Business Recovery Initiative

The disruption of the public health crisis has caused business and fiscal challenges that have forced the behavioral health industry to rapidly replace existing practices to adjust to “a new normal.” MCTAC has partnered with The Coalition of Behavioral Health and OPEN MINDS to bring their Business Recovery Initiative to the MCTAC provider community to help your organization ensure sustainability beyond the crisis. This project is an initiative of The Coalition for Behavioral Health, in partnership with OPEN MINDS and funded by the NYC COVID-19 Response and Impact Fund in the New York Community Trust, a multi-funder collaborative.

Each month, from August to October, MCTAC will disseminate a series of recorded videos that can be accessed on-demand by provider organizations on the MCTAC website. OMH & OASAS provider organizations will then have the opportunity to connect with a senior advisor from OPEN MINDS for a one-time free consultation session about a topic critical to your organization. ​Please note: Each provider organization may only schedule one consultation session from August to October. Consultation sessions are only available for OMH and OASAS providers.

To schedule a consultation session with an OPEN MINDS senior advisor follow the instructions below:​

1. Identify a team at your provider organization to join the consultation session​

2. Request technical assistance via OPEN MINDS’ toll-free telephone line (833-888-0219) or dedicated email address (​

3. OPEN MINDS will schedule a private 1-2 hour consultation session with one of their senior advisors. The specific senior advisor assigned will depend on the nature of the inquiry​



Increasing Your Service Volume – Creating A Referral Development Crisis Plan

Presenter: Richard Louis, III

Specialty provider organizations serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs are facing unprecedented disruption in programs, census, and revenue. Difficult questions facing executive teams include: “How do I stimulate referral volume lost during the COVID-19 crisis?” “How do I market and introduce my enhanced service lines and service delivery systems to payers and key referral sources?” “What do I need to do to remain competitive in a rapidly changing health and human services market?” “Are my services priced competitively, during and post-crisis?” Referral development is critical to sustainability and can help you rapidly reposition in the market, reactivate key referral sources in your network, and develop new marketing strategies to grow your client base. In this webinar, OPEN MINDS Vice President, Richard Louis, III, explains: How to overcome new COVID-19-initiated challenges facing referring agencies and referral source networks; How to establish crisis referral planning objectives to get immediate results; How to develop marketing and business development strategies to increase client referrals; and How to leverage new service lines (such as telehealth) to expand or position the organization for new payer contracts.



Is Your Web Site Designed To Get Referrals?

Presenter: Timothy G. Snyder and Emily Korns

Health care has become “top of mind” for nearly everyone in the country. Health care providers are seeing surges in online traffic as consumers seek both information and treatment options. But are they finding your organization? What can you do to make your website more visible, gain traffic, and turn visitors into active users of your services and programs? In this webinar, OPEN MINDS experts Timothy G. Snyder, EVP and Emily Korns, Senior Associate, explain how to: Stand out from your competitors by building your on-line brand; Drive traffic to your site through social media, testimonials, timely and relevant content; and use traditional, non-digital sources to succeed on-line.



Using Mergers, Acquisitions, And Affiliations To Address ‘Urgent’ Cashflow Needs

Presenter: Ken Carr

In a challenging market, economic scale matters. Access to resources—working capital, technology, and talent—is essential both during a financial crisis and to retool an organization for new market realities. While a merger, acquisition or affiliation requires planning and careful execution, an economic crisis may motivate organizations to consider this strategy to ensure survival and meet urgent cashflow needs. Key considerations include understanding the strategic needs that can be met, identifying an ideal partner, taking practical steps to move forward, and implementing best practices to guarantee success. Mergers, acquisitions, affiliations, or other models such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have different purposes and outcomes. Not all business combinations are the same, so knowing what model is the best fit is critical. In this webinar, OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Ken Carr explains how to assess what new business combination can help your service organization move through the current crisis and reposition for the needs and challenges of a changing market.



Executive Portfolio Management In Time Of A Market Shift – What Programs To Keep And Which To Close?

Presenter: Ken Carr

As specialty health and human service organizations begin to plan for a “new normal” with the ongoing realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to establish realistic strategic and business goals, and assess your service portfolio. This web briefing will guide you through assessment, analysis and implementation of programs that will be effective in the new markets. In this webinar, OPEN MINDS Senior Associate Ken Carr explains how you can: Shape service lines as business units that are responsive to market needs; Find cost-effective implementation approaches; Understand the needs of all of your customers—payers, government agencies, and consumers; Develop a traditional service line portfolio management model; and build a new service line portfolio for changing market conditions while restructuring services negotiating with payers.


August Release


The OPEN MINDS Crisis Management Executive Blueprint For Organizational Sustainability & Success In A Disrupted HHS Market – From Crisis To Recovery

Presenter: Monica E. Oss

How do you increase organizational resilience and assure sustainability after the disruption caused by COVID-19? This webinar provides an overview of this 7-point plan from Monica E. Oss, Chief Executive Officer of OPEN MINDS, followed by technical assistance information from our team of experts.



Going “Virtual Service” – Reaching Consumers Where They Are At With Telehealth And More – An Overview

Presenter: Joe Naughton-Travers, Ed.M.

OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Joe Naughton-Travers, Ed.M., provides an overview of Telehealth and other virtual services that are rapidly becoming the ‘new normal’ in behavioral health care. The COVID-19 emergency response has forced health care organizations to think beyond brick and mortar and reconsider the need for ‘face to face’ services. Even after we emerge from the crisis, building your ‘virtual service lines’ will be essential to your viability. This webinar reviews the current state of virtual services during the pandemic and explores the new paradigm of virtual health care as we move beyond the crisis.



Going “Virtual Revenue Generation” – Assuring Consumers and Referral Sources Can Find You – An Overview

Presenter: Timothy G. Snyder and Emily Korns

In the new virtual world of health care, spurred by the social distancing imposed to ‘flatten the curve’ of the coronavirus, new and old consumers are increasingly looking for you in the virtual space. Will they find you there? And what will their first impression be when they walk into your virtual lobby, aka your website and social media channels? In this webinar, OPEN MINDS experts Timothy G. Snyder, EVP and Emily Korns, Senior Associate, explain how to build a compelling virtual brand and market your services for ‘virtual revenue generation.’ Get hands-on help to build a successful on-line strategy and prioritize key objectives, audiences, and channels. Assess how to modify your web presence and performance, and be found on Google searches, to drive volume in virtual services. Tap into the power of social media for referrals, testimonials, and consumer engagement. Learn about other digital channels—online reviews, press releases, and more—where you can gain exposure. Get tips on how to speak to your target audience in the right voice and design your on-line presence for ADA compliance.



Aggressive Business Development Strategies – Adding To The Top Line With Breakthrough Services – An Overview

Presenter: Paul Duck

The declining service volume and revenues because of COVID-19 have made it imperative for provider organizations to become creative and aggressive in adding top-line revenue. In this webinar, Paul Duck, OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, explains how your organization can create a model for rapid response to urgent market needs and maximize revenue by repurposing and repositioning services in an increasingly virtual market. He examines the strategic implications of the market disruption resulting from the pandemic and shares innovative ideas to maximize revenue, reposition services, and strategically deploy staff, while taking on traditional and new ‘out of industry’ competitors. In this session, you’ll learn how to: Convert brick-and-mortar services to virtual; Develop specialty services to support specific populations and approach payers with a value proposition; Evaluate the expertise and hire the experience needed for aggressive business development; Gain the market intelligence to add to top-line revenue maximization; and Build an on-line brand to help in growing revenue.