Children's Complex Trauma Resources

Children's Complex Trauma Provider Directory

The goal of the Children's Complex Trauma Provider Directory is to allow agencies/organizations to find licensed professionals to
-complete the Complex Trauma Exposure Assessment (CTEA)
-refer children to for treatment interventions that have been developed for Complex Trauma

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Children's Complex Trauma Forms and Resources

CMS Complex Trauma Definition and Guide

Complex Trauma Exposure Screen (CTES)

Complex Trauma List of Licensed Professionals

Complex Trauma Exposure Assessment (CTEA)

Complex Trauma Assessment Guidelines

Complex Trauma Eligibility Determination Form

SAMHSA Domains of Impairment Crosswalk

Complex Trauma Workflow - Referral Process

Complex Trauma Referral Cover Sheet

NYS Complex Trauma Fact Sheet

NCTSN What is Complex Trauma: A  Resource Guide


FAQ from February In-Person Complex Trauma Events


Children's Complex Trauma Readiness Assessment 

The Readiness Assessment, a short questionnaire, was conducted to provide key information from Health Homes and Care Management Agencies which will help to guide and tailor trainings and resources. In addition to helping to identify needs and making training as helpful as possible, your results will be sent to you and benchmarked to the aggregate results of your peers around the state.

The completed assessment was due close-of-business Wednesday, February 8th.  
Aggregate results of the Complex Trauma Readiness Assessment were shared during the March 29th Health Home Implementation Webinar
Link to slides:

Individual results have been sent to the individual who submitted the readiness assessment.

If you are a Health Home or Care Management Agency who has not completed and is interested in completing the Readiness Assessment please email for more information.

Link to slides from 1/25 HH Implementation Webinar and Introduction to the Readiness Assessment: 
DOH slides:
McSilver Slides:

Children's Complex Trauma Events

Previous Offerings

Children's Complex Trauma Exposure Assessment (CTEA): Essential Strategies - In Person trainings

  • These trainings provided in-depth information about completing the Complex Trauma Exposure Assessments (CTEA). They included a live review of the CTES, current workflow, the administration of the CTEA, assessing functional impairments, completing the Determination Form and self care.
  • Training was offered at three locations throughout New York State. July 7th - NYC,  July 14th - Albany, July 18th - Rochester
  • More information and slides available here!

Children's Complex Trauma Exposure Screen Webinar 

  • 6/21 from 1pm - 2pm.
  • ​This training provided information about the Complex Trauma Exposure Screen (CTES), it's place in the workflow, who should complete it, and how it can be completed in a trauma informed way. 
  • View slides and recording here! 

Children's Complex Trauma for Health Homes Webinar Series

Unable to attend an in-person event (in February), the information is now available via pre-recorded webinar.

Webinar #1 Children's Health Homes: Training on Complex Trauma Determination

Topics covered:
-Workflow Review
-Licensed Professionals who can complete the CTEA and Determination Form
-Role of Health Home and CMA

View the slides and recording here.

Webinar #2 Children's Health Homes: Training on Complex Trauma Determination

Topics covered:
-What is trauma?
-Prevalence of trauma
-Effects of Trauma
-Trauma Informed Care

View the slides and recording here.

Webinar #3 Children's Health Homes: Training on Complex Trauma Determination

Topics covered:
-Review of Complex Trauma Final Eligibility Tools and Documents
-Review & Administration of Complex Trauma Exposure Screen (CTES)

View the slides and recording here.

Webinar #4 Children's Health Homes: Training on Complex Trauma Determination

Topics covered:
-What is PTSD?
-What is Complex Trauma for New York State Health Home?
-How Does Complex Trauma Differ from  PTSD?
-Review & Administration of the Complex Trauma Exposure Assessment (CTEA)
-Complex Trauma Eligibility Determination Form: Linking Impairments to  Complex Trauma Exposure and the Domains of Impairment Assessed

 View the slides and recording here.

The video ReMoved can be accessed here.

In-Person Children's Complex Trauma Training

When: The training was offered in morning sessions hosted at three locations across NYS. 
-Albany: Tuesday, February 21, 2017, 10am - 1pm
-Rochester: Thursday, February 23, 2017, 10am - 1pm
-NYC: Monday, February 27, 2017, 10am - 1pm 

Click here to view the slides.
Click here to view FAQ from these events.

Resources: See resource section below for forms and guidance.