Value-Based Care: One Provider's Journey

It’s more than Value-Based Payment; it’s Value-Based Care.  The Institute for Community Living (ICL) shares their vision for culture change, and what they are doing now to improve outcomes, reduce costs, and increase access to quality care."Value-Based Care: One Provider’s Journey" is a four part video series developed by one of MCTAC's partners, ICL. Target audience: Agency leadership and program directors.

Part 1: Finding Our New True North
David Woodlock, President & CEO, shares his perspective on the alignment between health care reform and the behavioral health community.  Realizing our value begins with knowing who we serve. View part one HERE.

Part 2: From Volume to Value: Shifting the Paradigm
Chris Copeland, Chief Operating Officer, describes the fundamental shift in perspective needed to lead an organization into value-based care. View part two HERE.

Part 3: Back to Basics: Improving Access
Improving access increases our value to the people we serve, to payers, to providers, and to the community at large.  This video describes the key ingredients needed to increase access and improve the experience of care. View part three HERE.

Part 4: Integrated Care: Re-Thinking Our Role
Are we behavioral health providers or healthcare providers?  We need to think whole-person health in order to provide whole-person care.  This video identifies what behavioral health providers can do to improve physical health. View part four HERE

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