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Hiring Youth Peer Advocates: Panel Discussion with Supervisors of Youth Peer Advocates

To effectively engage, support and empower young people, agencies will need to find the right young adults to provide Youth Peer Support and Training Services.

In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of Youth Peer Advocate Supervisors who will share their hiring tips and strategies.  

Click here for the Agency Tip Sheet: Interviewing Youth Peer Advocates

Supporting Family and Youth Peer Advocates During COVID-19

Providers of peer services are approaching their work during this challenging time with commitment and creativity. Supervisors are working hard behind the scenes to support their staff, both personally and professionally. Through panel discussion and feedback from webinar participants we share strategies supervisors are using to stay connected and help staff adapt.

Handouts and attendee chat responses are available in "Resources" below.

Building Youth Engagement and Involvement: Learn How YOUTH POWER! Can Support You

Looking to build youth engagement and involvement? Thinking about bringing Youth Peer Advocates to your agency or expanding on your current Youth Peer Support program? YOUTH POWER! is here to help you with this and more! 

This webinar will introduce you to the technical assistance available through YOUTH POWER! of Families Together in NYS. YOUTH POWER! has the expertise to support you and will share specific examples of the types of TA they provide and walk you through the TA process.

Audience: Providers interested in increasing youth involvement

YOUTH POWER! Youth Peer Advocate Credential and Training Initiative

New York State’s Youth Peer Advocate Training and Credentialing Initiative is getting ready to launch.

Join YOUTH POWER! for an overview of the training and credentialing requirements.  Learn more about the technical assistance available through YOUTH POWER! to support hiring, onboarding, and setting the foundation for Youth Peer Advocates to thrive. Examples will be provided and there with an opportunity for Q&A.

Effectively Employing and Supervising Youth Peer Advocates

Youth Peer Advocates (YPAs) are uniquely qualified to engage and support young people through their own lived experience and their ability to bridge the gap between young people and their services. With this, there are some unique – and some not so unique – considerations to effectively employ, supervise, and retain YPAs. In this webinar, we will explore the YPA's role, supervision needs, considerations regarding agency policies, and in-service training recommendations. Additionally, participants will be connected with ongoing resources available to support this process.

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