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Children's Aligned HCBS Series Webinar 1: Caregiver/Family Supports and Services, Community Self-Advocacy Training and Supports, & Respite

This webinar series reviews in detail the Children's Aligned Home and Community Based Service array. 

Each webinar focuses on a distinct group of children's Home and Community Based Services and will include service descriptions, eligibility, and general business rules (such as qualifications, limitations, etc.).

Webinar #1 Covered: Caregiver/Family Supports and Services, Community Self-Advocacy Training and Supports, & Respite

Children and Youth Evaluation Service (C-YES): the State-designated Independent Entity for Children's HCBS

Children and Youth Evaluation Service (C-YES) is the branded name for the State’s Independent Entity. C-YES is responsible for delivering HCBS Eligibility Determinations, and for developing and overseeing HCBS plans of care. 

In this webinar, the State provided an overview of how C-YES will support transitioning HCBS waiver children who opt out of Health Home Care Management, from February 1 through March 31.

The State will provide a follow up webinar detailing the role of C-YES beginning April 1, 2019.

Children's Medicaid System Transformation: Draft HCBS Workflow

DOH and NYS State Partners hosted The Children’s Medicaid Redesign HCBS Workflow Guidance webinar.  This webinar outlined the process for Health Home Care Managers, the Independent Entity and Managed Care Plans regarding the HCBS Plan of Care.

Stakeholder comments on this webinar are due Wednesday, May 30th, 2018. Please submit your comments to the DOH BH Transition Mailbox In the subject line please indicate HCBS Workflow Comments.

Children's Complex Trauma Exposure Assessment (CTEA): Essential Strategies

Exposure to multiple, chronic interpersonal traumas, referred to (in accordance with the NYS HH definition) as complex trauma exposure, can result in significant disruptions in child and adolescent functioning and development. NYS has developed and approved comprehensive trauma screening and assessment to aid in the early identification and selection of appropriate interventions as essential in ameliorating the long-term impact on a child’s development.


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