Daniella Labate

Getting to VALUE: Identifying and Communicating Value in Your Organization

The small business initiative partners hosted in-person workshops as a follow up to the 5/23/17 webinar on creating value propositions. These workshops provided a brief overview of what the components of a strong value proposition should be and helped attendees master the art of creating a value proposition.

These workshops were held on the following dates: 

  • June 6th: Hudson Valley
  • June 7th: Albany
  • June 13th: Batavia
  • June 14th: Buffalo
  • June 21st: NYC 
  • July 25th: Long Island 

Adult BH HCBS: The Mechanics of Successful Lift-Off

The small business initiative partners provided  in-person workshops for adult BH HCBS providers on how to get HCBS services off the ground. The trainings reviewed the Toolkit developed by ICL, a MCTAC partner, and helped providers adapt its content to suit their needs. We discussed tips to help with adult BH HCBS implementation, how to create a strong HCBS team of staff, and how to invest in your future with HCBS services. 

Expressing Yourself: How to Craft a Value Proposition

Does the word “value,” when combined with the words “based” and “proposition” make your head spin? MCTAC’s Small Business Initiative (SBI) is here to help!

This webinar walked through the steps of creating a value proposition. Learn how to express the value of your services in a clear and concise way so that everyone both within and outside the behavioral health field will understand what you do and why it’s so important that you continue to do it.

A tip sheet on drafting a value statement, along with the slides, can be downloaded below. 

Outcomes: How to Use Your Data

Gathering data to target outcomes is a difficult and daunting task. It’s important to establish sound data management practice before outcomes can be tracked successfully. Providers can be unsure of how to identify important data elements and how to collect, interpret and share data. 

This webinar provided information about how to use your data to demonstrate value, improve services, inform practice and empower staff.


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