Gisselle Pardo

Children's Complex Trauma Exposure Assessment (CTEA): Essential Strategies

Exposure to multiple, chronic interpersonal traumas, referred to (in accordance with the NYS HH definition) as complex trauma exposure, can result in significant disruptions in child and adolescent functioning and development. NYS has developed and approved comprehensive trauma screening and assessment to aid in the early identification and selection of appropriate interventions as essential in ameliorating the long-term impact on a child’s development.

Trauma Informed Care: The Do's and Don't of Serving Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

For survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV), the traumatic stress may be cumulative with varied emotional and mental health impacts. Adopting a trauma-informed approach when working with survivors of IPV means ensuring that all survivors have access to services in an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, de-stigmatizing, and non-re-traumatizing. This webinar introduced the pillar elements to successful trauma treatment with survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) and provided strategies for assessment and intervention.

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