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Understanding Care Management Reqs and Medicaid Status Impact Re HCBS Eligible Children

The state offered a webinar on Understanding Care Management Requirements and Medicaid Status Impact Regarding HCBS Eligible Children/Youth.  Recent guidance was reviewed and explained to assist Health Home, C-YES and Medicaid Managed Care Plan care managers in recognizing the requirements necessary to continue HCBS eligibility for a child/youth and how their Medicaid status might play a role.

Target Audience:  Health Home Care Managers, Health Homes, C-YES staff and Medicaid Managed Care Plan care managers

Children's HCBS Billing

This webinar covered billing for Children's Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) once the services are carved in to Medicaid Managed Care on October 1, 2019.

Webinar topics included HCBS overview, fundamental requirements, continuity of care and billing rules and tips.

Target audience:   
-Providers serving individuals under 21, who are designated or plan to be designated to provide Children's Home and Community Based Services.
-Managed Care Plans serving individuals under 21.

Children's Health and Behavioral Health System Transformation in NYS: Presentation for Children and Families

NYS recorded a webinar on the Children’s Medicaid System Transformation in NYS in order to present this information to children and families. 

This webinar provided an opportunity for children and families to learn about changes happening to the Children’s Medicaid System and what that means for them, including additional opportunities coming their way.

The content mirrors what was presented during the June In-Person Discussions with Children and Families.

Target Audience: Children and Families effected by the Medicaid System Transformation

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