Lydia Franco

Underprivileged & Underserved: The Impact of Poverty on Mental Health**

Living in poverty has been linked to psychological distress that — unless addressed — can impactan individual’s trajectory to wellness. Lack of knowledge, fear and bias can prevent both the provider and client from discussing poverty’s effect on treatment. Therefore, in order to effectively treat and promote mental health more generally, behavioral health organizations working within impoverished communities must understand and recognize the intricate relationship betweenpoverty and mental health.

Workforce Resilience Part I: Helping the Helpers: Occupational Stress and Self-Care

During today's clinic and social service climate there is often much more demand and stress than we may realize.   As helpers, we have a unique relationship with stress and self care.  It may often be the case that we take care of everyone else first.  During this webinar, two of CTAC's clinic coordinators will talk about the importance of managing occupational stress and implementing self care.  We will talk about compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue and also share some practical ways of coping.

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