Meaghan Baier

Billing for Children's System Transformation

These all day in-person trainings reviewed the principles of revenue cycle management, Medicaid provider enrollment, and the billing manual including billing rules for the new Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (state plan services) that are going live January 1, 2019: OLP, PSR and CPST. The trainings also included a field by field walk through of how to submit a clean claim to Medicaid Managed Care Plans and provided an opportunity for MCOs and providers to network.

Creating a Chargemaster

Interested in finding a way to keep track of new and changing codes and rates? Want to increase understanding of billing outside of your finance team? Looking to improve your billing compliance? Already think a chargemaster may benefit your organization but don't know where to start?

Watch this short webinar and learn more about chargemasters, their uses, and how to create your very own. 

Target Audience: Executive/Senior Leadership and Finance/Billing, Program/Operations, and Compliance/Quality Improvement staff.

Foundations of the Managed Care Transition and Adult BH HCBS Implementation

This webinar, "Foundations of the Managed Care Transition and Adult BH HCBS Implementation," was the first installment of the NYS Behavioral Health Service Landscape Training Series.

This training was targeted towards NYC and Rest of State:

  • Health Home care management agencies and Health Home leads
  • Adult BH HCBS providers
  • Managed Care organizations/HARPs
  • All behavioral health providers



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