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Children's HCBS/LOC Eligibility Determination for DD and Med Frag & DD in Foster Care Target Populations

This webinar outlined the process and information needed for HHCM and C-YES to work collaboratively with OPWDD DDROs regarding HCBS LOC Eligibility for the two Target Populations of Developmental Disability (DD) and Medically Fragile & DD in Foster Care.

Target audience:  Health Home Care Management Agencies, C-YES, DDRO, LDSS Foster Care Services staff and Voluntary Foster Care Agencies

Draft OPWDD DDRO Manual - Eligibility Process for Children's Waiver can be found by clicking Resources below. 

Article 29-I In-Person March Training

In March 2019, MCTAC and NYS OCFS facilitated in-person trainings throughout New York concerning the Article 29-I license. The purpose of these trainings was to provide a foundational understanding of the Article 29-I requirements, address themes and concerns that came up during past focus groups, and have Voluntary Foster Care Agencies (VFCAs) develop a strategic plan for implementing Article 29-I.

Topics included allocations, EHR, phased implementation, preparing to work with Managed Care, etc. 

Children's BH System Transformation: Readiness Funding Update

The New York State Office of Mental Health, Office of Children and Family Services, and Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services held a webinar to review the State’s proposal for use of Children’s Readiness Funds. These funds will help prepare Children’s Behavioral Health Providers to deliver new Children and Family Treatment and Support Services and Children’s Aligned Home and Community Based Services.

Target Audience: This webinar is open to all Children’s Behavioral Health Providers.

Children and Family Treatment and Support Services Training

These full day in-person trainings reviewed the Children's System Implementation Timeline and four of the new children’s services: Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP), Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment (CPST), Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR), and Family Peer Support Services (FPSS).

Audience: Providers serving individuals under 21, who are designated to provide or plan to provide Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (State Plan Services).

Children's 1115 New York Medicaid Redesign Team Waiver Demonstration Overview

Originally scheduled for February 13th. Slides can be viewed below. State representatives from NYS OMH, OASAS, DOH, and OCFS provided an overview of the draft 1115 MRT Waiver Demonstration for Children. This 1115 is in the public comment period with a feedback submission deadline of March 15th. State presenters​ reviewed the draft 1115 MRT Waiver Demonstration for Children, provided clarification, and offered insights​ into this complex technical document. There was a significant portion of time allotted for Q&A.

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