Paul Duck

Measuring & Improving Consumer Experience, Consumer Engagement, And Consumer Performance–A Best Practice Approach

Excellent service is not just about being efficient or effective, you must also pay attention to the consumers’ engagement and experience with your organization. And how do you measure and benchmark your service delivery? What do you do when you discover you are not hitting the mark? In this webinar, Paul Duck, OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, presents a framework for best practices in establishing service standards in both virtual and in-person milieus. Learn how to get adoption of service standards, develop key performance measures, and monitor for sustained outcomes.

Social Media That Puts You In The Community – Virtually

Social media is just for keeping in touch with friends and family, right? Wrong. Today, a business-oriented social media strategy is just as important as public relations, referral generation, or direct marketing. Social media allows you to send your messages and valuable content to consumers, prospects, and potential employees or investors on multiple platforms where those stakeholders are looking to engage with not only their friends and family, but also brands and companies that they share common interests with.

Aggressive Business Development Strategies – Adding To The Top Line With Breakthrough Services – An Overview

The declining service volume and revenues because of COVID-19 have made it imperative for provider organizations to become creative and aggressive in adding top-line revenue. In this webinar, Paul Duck, OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, explains how your organization can create a model for rapid response to urgent market needs and maximize revenue by repurposing and repositioning services in an increasingly virtual market.

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