Ruth Colón-Wagner

Empowering Recovery and Resilience with Mindfulness

There are many health benefits that accompany mindfulness.  Balanced breathing and regulated emotions are just a few. Mindfulness can also help promote recovery and adapting to adversity.  

This workshop will focus on empowering recovery and resilience with mindfulness techniques, including journaling and other practices.  Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and seek assistance with learning these practical skills to use in therapeutic settings.

Please click on "Resources" below for the toolkit mentioned in the webinar. 

Part 1: Person and Family-Centered Planning and Leadership: Implementing Recovery-Oriented Planning at the Organizational Level

Transforming an organization begins with a vision and leadership.  It is a dynamic and ongoing process that sets the stage and nurtures the change, ensuring quality and fidelity to the organization’s vison and mission.  This webinar will provide an overview of organizational change and how recovery oriented/person-centered care is vital to successful personal outcomes as well as to organizational success within a value-based system.

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