*Updated Timeline: Please Read Carefully Below*

Family Driven Care (FDC) is a framework that assists with the understanding that families are the main decision-makers within their lives and thus the care in which they participate and receive. Parents and caregivers are the experts on their children and their continual family involvement contriutes to the quality care they receive. 
This presentation will reintroduce the Learning Community (LC) in a virtual format. The Learning Community will enable providers to adapt a framework that assists with the implementation and applications of the principles and practices of FDC. We will review this framework and introduce the components and expectations of the learning community, including the FDC tools and our Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA). 
This free 5-month long Virtual Learning Community is focused on building family driven policies and practices in care. It will consist of assessment tools, resources, and guidance utilized by behavioral health organizations and the families they serve to promote the use of family-driven policies and practices.  

We recommend that your agency identify approximately 3 people to form a workgroup, which will be called your ‘Core Implementation Team’ (CIT). Your CIT will participate in a variety of activities with us from from September 2020-January 2021. Please review the timeline and mark your calendars for training dates and deadlines.

The OSA can be found at lms.ctacny.org. The OSA can be found under Catalog within the module, Family Driven Care: Overview and OSA. Please try to complete the OSA in one session, and you will be able to print your OSA for your records at completion. OSAs are due Wednesday, September 23rd.

Virtual Trainings on October 7th and 21st at 1-2:30 PM. Please mark your calendars and look out for an email with further details. 


If you have any questions, please email ctac.info@nyu.edu with the subject line "FDC LC."